Had a hard time with things today. Meeting early got postponed, ended up spending more time on editing than I planned. Said the wrong thing on an IM and got chewed out (in an encouraging manner) by Fialkov for a bit. I needed it.
Really been struggling with a pitch. It’s not that I don’t have ideas, I just don’t think they’re there yet. Got another couple days, and an idea of how to get closer to what’s wanted. We’ll see how things go tomorrow. I feel better whenever I talk to Hill about it. I know we have yet to get actual projects rolling together, but we’ve been baking things for a few months now and it’s really refreshing to be in the same wheelhouse (almost exactly in some cases) but come at things from different angles. Really opens up my thinking and lets me tackle things in ways I wouldn’t normally try in order to get to the place I’m trying to get. Bryan Hill is the truth, people. You heard it here third.
As a result of pitch issues, editing needing to get done, and WeHo Dodgeball playoffs (we did not win, thus ending our season and winning streak), I didn’t get started on the screenplay until late. Should have gotten going around 11, but wanted a smoothie. And then I should have gotten going at 11:30, but Nelson and I started talking. Careers, the pitch, art, etc.
Got rolling at 12:30 am. Wrote about one page in the first hour. Kept distracting myself with twitter responses, refreshing email for no reason, etc. Finally got in a groove, just finished up a couple minutes ago. Again, I have no idea if it’s good. In fact, the main scene I worked on didn’t play out at all how I planned (ended in the same spot, but that’s about it).
I haven’t been warming up by revising previous pages, so I think I’m gonna just keep plugging, take a day off just reading screenplays with a good style, then come back through and revise the whole thing. Then I’ll give the first round to the only readers I trust to not abandon me when it’s terrible, do their notes, and cast the net out wider.
10 pages done, sitting halfway through 71 and right in the middle of a scene that’ll write itself. There is no more can’t in my vocabulary when it comes to this screenplay. Given 2-3 hours (or preferably more), I can consistently make 10 pages of progress. If I can keep that up, work on quality, I’ll be a beast in no time. Now, sleep…
P.S. I randomly found an email from an artist I want to do an original thing but couldn’t find any contact info (or name) for him. Combing through old email for something else, the email just appeared. Just dropped him a line. Could be cool.

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