Say It Ain’t So, Smoltzy

I woke up late, sick, and got just about the last sports news I ever expected to see.  Especially at this juncture in the MLB’s free agent season.

John Smoltz is leaving the Braves, the only team he’s pitched for in 21 seasons, to join the Boston Red Sox.  The initial report I read thanks to a gmail clip was that Smoltz was “on the verge” of signing.  But the AJC confirms it all official like here.

I’m shocked, quite frankly.  But for a rapidly deteriorating ball club and given the way this off-season has gone, I guess I shouldn’t be.  John Smoltz is the Atlanta Braves.  He’s never been quite as prolific as Maddux or Glavine, and he never made the waves that some other high-profile stars do.  But he was the work horse and the heart.  A multiple time surgery recipient and one-time Cy Young.  A starter and a closer.  And now, we can add ex-Brave to that list.

I’m pretty much speechless over this.  Frank Wren has proved himself to be no John Schuerholz, and I just want my team back.  So long, Smoltzy.  You’re a legend and a class act, and I miss you already.


As you can see from the above, I’ll definitely be talking some sports up here.  I’m a big ATL sports fans (Hawks, Braves, Falcons), and a general buff.  Feel free to skip if it’s not your thing.