Rob Levin is a writer, editor and creative consultant. He began his career as an editor with Top Cow Productions in 2004 where he became Vice President – Editorial and oversaw the company’s entire publishing output. This included editing flagship titles Witchblade and The Darkness, pioneering the innovative Pilot Season initiative (which received more than 4 million votes in its initial campaign), and editing such titles as Madame Mirage, First Born and many more. In 2009 he left Top Cow to pursue freelance opportunities and founded Comic Book Consulting, which provides freelance everything from turn key comic book production services to editing and story consultation.

In 2016 he joined DC Comics, editing titles across the Batman, Justice Leauge, and Integrated Publishing groups and working on books you’ve definitely heard of and probably read.

In late 2019, he joined Humanoids as a Senior Editor, working on monthly titles and OGNs in the H1 imprint as well as books for the Core, Life Drawn and BiG imprints. He does not speak French, but is reasonably confident no one is bad-mouthing him in front of his face.

His solo writing credits include Bushido, Witchblade, The Darkness, and the DC Comics Holiday Special. He co-wrote 7 Days From Hell, Netherworld, and Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box (all with Bryan Edward Hill), and Abattoir (with Troy Peteri). He has worked with Radical Publishing and Archaia Entertainment on original projects, as well as editing Nailbiter, MythicMind the Gap, Severed, The Last of the Greats, and Firebreather for Image Comics. In his spare time he enjoys dodgeball, short walks on the beach and fresh burritos. Rob lives in Los Angeles and on the Internet.

Web: www.roblev.in
Twitter: @roblevin
E-mail: the rob levin AT gmail DOT com.


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