“Middle Men” Coverage

Through my dealings with CBR, I occasionally get to do cool stuff like fly to San Francisco and review the new Transformers video game, or mess around with a free Flip video camera. Over the past week I had the chance to go to a screening of Paramount’s new movie “Middle Men,” which opens in theatre’s today, and do roundtable interviews with the cast, producer and director. I haven’t really stretched my journalistic legs since my high school canceled the newspaper after my 9th grade year (right after I was named Editor-In-Chief, go figure), so it’s nice to get a chance to work on that skill set again. I’m nowhere near the journalist (or writer) I want to be,but working in various avenues definitely keeps me a bit more limber.

Here are my interviews and review of the film, all posted on CBR’s SpinOff Online:

Director and Producer Talk Middle Men

Talking with the Middle Men

Middle Men Rises Above the Pack