TGIM – Sage Advice

Inspiration often comes from the least likely sources.  It could be an experience, a story, or an offhanded comment.  I remarked just last that one of the most inspirational mantras in my life comes from Tom DeLonge, who said “Tomorrow could be the best day of your life.”  Yes, the same guy responsible for dick and fart jokes during his Blink-182 tenure comes into my mind whenever I’m having a shitty day.  Go figure.

Woke up this morning and was getting ready when Monster was acting a fool (again).  I decided to leave her alone in the living room and hang out in my room for a while.  Somehow this led to me turning on the TV and seeing that there was a Drake “documentary” (which I use loosely considering it was on MTV) called ‘Better than Good Enough’ on.  I copped his first official release, ‘Thank Me Later’ last week and I’m feeling it.  [Sidebar: I’m new to the Drake camp, and I learned from my girlfriend who he was. My hip-hop cred is gone at this point.]  The doc was fairly straightforward in execution if you’ve seen any of these “about to blow” promo things before, but I was struck by some of what he and his producer 40 said.

They didn’t have the usual hip-hop braggadocio, but they did have unflappable confidence.  Each was supremely confident (not cocky) about their own abilities, and felt like with their combined might it was a wrap.  No way they couldn’t make it.

I feel the same way about what Hill and I have rolling right now.  It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.  I had forgotten this for a bit and spent a little too much time and effort focused solely on the comics side of what we’re trying to do.  We have other ambitions outside of just comics, and outside of just writing.  There’s no tunnel vision in our goals unless we put it in there.

Thanks, Drake, for being on TV this morning and having something to say.  The positivity is back.