Spiffy New Jock

I’ve made no secret over the past few years who some of my favorite artists are.  The ones that really haunt me are the ones I’ve never been able to get anything going with (as a writer or editor) save for some convention discussions and drinks, or various emails traded over the year.  Let me tell you, the inimitable Jock is no exception.

I first discovered him via The Losers with Andy Diggle, and I’ve been a fan ever since.  At first I loved the way he laid out action, and then I fell in love with everything he’s done.  Especially his cover design.  The sense of design and the simple complexity blows me away every time.  He’s also been nothing but extremely nice and always responds humbly to my gushing praise, which just makes me like his work and long for the day we finally work together all the more.

Jock has just overhauled his website and put up loads of new content.  It’s clear when looking through his oeuvre that the guy is beloved by more than just comics, and it’s great to see his influence spread out from our little corner of the world.

Do yourself a favor and be about the new website (which has also been added to the sidebar):

Jock’s New(ly Redesigned) Website