TGIM – A New Weekly Feature

Here’s the deal.  No one, but I mean no one, likes waking up on Monday.  Love your job, hate your job, whatever.  Monday morning rolls around and signals the end to the weekend and the beginning of a five day trek to try and arrive at the next one.
I decided I would do my part to spread a little Monday joy to everyone in the struggle.  Each Monday I’ll be presenting Thank Goodness It’s Monday, and offer up a reason to be thankful.  Not necessarily because it’s Monday, but just in general.  Think of it as a weekly gratitude experiment.
Your TGIM for last week should have been the fact that it was the first Monday of the new year, and a chance to start your first work week off right.  This week I could be a lot more Monday specific as today holds both an industry mixer and dodgeball this evening, but I’m going to focus on the best thing to happen over the last couple of months, Netflix Watch Instantly.
They had just started rolling this out right when I left the service for the second time (never because I was dissatisfied, I just happened to get offered free Blockbuster).  When I came back, they had gone from limited viewing to unlimited, the only drawback being it didn’t work on a Mac.  Well, not only can you now watch on a Mac, but you can also watch on your XBox 360, Roku Box, and Tivo HD, but also an increasing number of BluRay DVD players.  They load in about 30 seconds or less, and the quality and selection are pretty kickass.
I’ve been able to watch movies for research (The Star Chamber, Premium, Strays), pleasure (err… Wild Things 2 and 3, which I only scanned for the naughty bits), and WAY too much television (Dead Like Me, Action, The Tick).  The only drawback is that sometimes entire seasons aren’t uploaded, so you’ll have to order a disc if you want the complete experience.

It’s a fantastic way to stay entertained on a lunch break or on days like Mondays when you’re just too out of it to head all the way down to the mailbox to retrieve your new movies.
This has been TGIM.  Authentic Impostor approves this message and thanks you for your time.