Will Arnett and Jason Bateman are a Couple of DumbDumbs

The actors have paired up for a new venture known as DumbDumb, which I hadn’t heard about until Arnett tweeted today.  From the site:

DumbDumb is a comedy enterprise led by Will Arnett and Jason Bateman. The twosome will create commercials along with short and long form programming for distribution across all platforms. For the new endeavor, DumbDumb will utilize web production, development, and marketing expertise from CollegeHumor.com, whose original content creations have been viewed over 800 million times. DumbDumb will create and produce digital content matching not only a brand’s personality and marketing objectives but Arnett and Bateman’s well-known comedic tone as well.

They’re not beating around the bush with their intent.  These are commercials with solid content, not solid content simply funded by brands.  The first video, Prom Date, is up now and well worth your time.  It’s an interesting spin on product placement/integration, somewhere between the skewering nature of 30 Rock and the corporate synergy of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

I’m definitely keeping an eye on DumbDumb.

The Future of Publishing (video)

Here’s a stellar video, and one created out of necessity and brilliant copywriting, about the future of the publishing industry. I had an idea for a new project yesterday, and after watching this I’m going to dive right into it.

‘Variant’ Forms

John August (screenwriter of Go, Big Fish and more) has a new short story available on his site. It’s 25 pages, and it’ll cost you $0.99. Wait, what’s that? Something that isn’t free on the Internet? Do tell.
He’s taken his time to write 7,176 words of fiction, roughly 23 pages of content. iTunes has created a price point for disposable yet keepable entertainment, so that’s the model he’s following. Maybe it’s an experiment, maybe he just needs to be compensated something since he could have been script doctoring or writing a screenplay that would pay him much more. And there’s all that free advice for writers on his site…
I’m curious to see where this is going. With the proliferation of the Kindle and other e-reader devices making it not only easy and convenient to purchase books, but also keeping the costs lower/rather uniform, we’re bound to see a lot more of this. How many novels would I buy if they were all $1? Less than $5? I don’t have the answers, but someone definitely needs to be asking the question.
You can check out the first 13 pages (or more than half for those keeping score at home) of Variant HERE. I plan to. And I may even pay the $0.99 to get my hands on the whole thing if I like it. It’s cheap enough… Although my gut reaction was the same as most people’s I would imagine. Whu?? How come this ain’t being free to me? Gimme! Some people at least…
Very curious about where this leads.