R.I.P. Sushi

Sushi Levinemus
01/09/10 – 06/01/11

you were one good looking Betta. Perhaps the prettiest we had ever seen.  We tried to give you a home deserving of your stature.  You were also a landmark – our first pet together.  Trying to keep you happy and alive eventually led us to Cookie Monster, and for that we will always have you to thank.

You were a great fish and we are really going to miss you.

Swim fast, little Sush.


The Worst Sleep

Left off the word ever because that would be debatable, but…  Last night was some of the worst sleep I’ve ever gotten.  I woke around 3 with inhuman pain in my right shoulder.  It was like an ache that no amount of shifting, massage, Aleve, ice, or time could alleviate.

I tossed.  I turned.  I flipped.  I bargained.  I begged.  I got up and called my mom.  I played video games with an ice pack on my shoulder.  At around 8am I began to feel a little better and got back in bed.  It came, slowly…  Then I woke to my phone buzzing with a new text:
Filip – U coming in?  By 11am meeting?

I check the clock.  It’s 11am.  I text back, Apparently not.  Will be in though.

It was the worst of sleeps, it was the worst of sleeps.  I wonder how today is going to go.

Louisville Free Face

Attention attractive Louisville area women!
Sign up HERE now to receive free oral sex from Leslie George Kistner III, or as he likes to be called George, Vampire Lord, or God.

This is no way meant to be a joke.  He loves to lick the kitty.  Get yours licked today.  Details at the site.

Seriously, I cannot make this up.

So what’s the point?

I’ve blogged before.  Many, many times.  I’ve blogged for work, I’ve blogged for play.  I’ve blogged for joy and I’ve blogged for sorrow.  So what makes this one different?

Well, for starters, this is only phase one.  The blog will be a permanent element of what will eventually be a full-fledged website.  I just need the right hosting, design, etc.  First thing’s first, I’ve asked a friend to help me out with a logo.  I have a few other options, but I think he has the right sensibility for what I’m after.

This will be the place (the site, not just the blog) for people to get to know the professional Rob Levin.  Not the drunken twitterer with the constant updates, or the irate editor with the fantastic but often schedule challenged talent, but the man who writes, thinks, and maybe does a few other things.  It’ll be the place for coverage of my work, research snippets, and general thoughts on entertainment, culture, and sometimes life.

What it won’t be is a personal blog.  My relationships (outside of friendships I mention or professional relationships I have) will stay off of here, as will things like feelings.  The last blog collapsed under its own weight because of that.  This is about being a professional.  Not a bearded baby.

I have a couple of goals, and since we’re looking at this at the start of a new year, here they are in all their “he’ll break so many promises” glory:
  • Daily updates – I’m assuming Monday through Friday, but if I’ve got stuff to say, weekends aren’t off limits.
  • Monthly short fiction – I’d like to get this to weekly status, so I plan on rolling out some old stuff first while trying to stockpile the new
  • Exclusive previews – If I’m working on a comic, you’ll see prelim stuff, stolen panels, etc.  If it’s prose or a screenplay, I’ll pull scenes, chapters, and the like.  I’m a firm believer that all things can be made better out of context.
  • Kickass links – This is where I’ll drop the ball, as the operative word, kickass, is certainly debatable.  And there’s no way I can keep up with culture surfer (not to mention writer, filmmaker, musician, photographer, and inspiration) Bryan Hill, but I’ll post the things that come into my life and I think are worth sharing.  Or at least funny.
  • Big-ups – Links to friends and other professional peeps who are all kinds of awesome, and why.  My goal is to share the wealth in terms of the creative community and the bodies of work that I’ve discovered.
  • An ever evolving biography – My goal is to come up with the best one ever, so I’ll be revising it daily as part of that pursuit (maybe).
  • Audio/video portions – Not necessarily podcasts, and not just talking head stuff, but likely just that.
I’m sure there’s a lot more, but a blog to me always seems like a living, breathing, constantly evolving organism.  It’s a lot like “the alien” that R. Kelly describes Trapped in the Closet as (and yes, that’ll get a whole big post).

So welcome.  I’m posting this (while sick) and then going right back on the new template hunt.  At some point I may switch over to WordPress or a custom design, but for now I’m back with my old pal blogger.

I’ll get the links and extra content on the sides going over the next week or two as well, and they’ll be constantly updated.  Feel free to comment, suggest, and do whatever else it is you do.  Thanks for reading.  And if you’d like me to write something for you, just drop me a line.

Authentic Impositions

It’s a new year (again), so I figured, “Let’s rock this shit like Gibraltar.” That’s how all the cool kids talk.

More coming soon. Hopefully this site is forwarding properly to the blog.

Welcome to my new, permanent, official, officially awesome site.