Start Your Week Off with a Little Sexism

Okay, not exactly. But I do weigh in with a quick hitter editorial for GeekWeek that I think will have people calling me a sexist. I promise my message is exactly the opposite.
And I just realized I forgot to include an about me section. Wonder if people will assume that’s on purpose…


10 points to anyone that can decode the acronym in the title.
Didn’t get a blog out yesterday, but I wrote a column this morning for GW and an interview about BT is up, so I’m linking. Damn, all these abbreviations make it seem like I’m practically speaking in text.
The interview was CBR’s top story at the time of this posting, so I figured I would take a moment to memorialize it in a screen grab.

GeekWeek Has Arrived

GeekWeek is now a part of the Internet.
What is GeekWeek? Glad you asked.
For those too lazy to click the link, it’s all the pop-culture stuff you’re interested in one place, well-organized, with lots of original and awesome voices and exclusive content you can’t get anywhere else. The beta site is live and is already better than some sites that have been around for years. That’s just how they do it.
I’ll be blogging over there (for now I’m mainly posting sports stuff) from time to time. I’ll post links here to anything related to my own work or that I think is clever, but all the stuff you’ve come to expect here (TGIM, my frustrations with the industry, general blather, etc.) will still be here at AI central.
Bookmark it, read it, love it, and tell your friends.