“The Goon” Teaser is Awesome

I really need to finally start reading the book.

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The SDCC Post (2010 Edition)

A lot of people haven’t been asking where to find me at the con.  But I know at least one of you (hi mom!) is curious as to what I’ll be up to at the show.  In addition to boozing, taking clandestine meetings and protecting my girlfriend from furries I’ve got a few signings and appearances.  Here be the scoopage:


12:30pm – 1:30pm – Signing @ Top Cow (Booth #2629)

2pm – 3pm – Radical Publishing Panel* (Room 32AB)
*I won’t be on this panel, but they’ll be talking up projects like “Time Bomb” and “Ryder on the Storm” that I’m editing, as well as (hint, hint) more…


10am – 11am – Signing @ Top Cow (Booth #2629)


1:30pm – 2:30pm – Top Cow Panel (Room 9)

5:30pm – 6:30pm – Signing @ Top Cow (Booth #2629)


12:00pm – 1pm – Signing @ Top Cow (Booth #2629)

Note that all signings will be with P.I.C. Bryan Edward Hill, so someone really needs to take a picture of the both of us existing in the same space.

I can also be found a) hiding from you b) on the CBR Yacht or c) mooching booze from the GeekWeek.com crew on their boat.  If you’re trying to get in touch with me, texting is probably easiest.  Drop me a comment here or an email now if you don’t have the number.

Spiffy New Jock

I’ve made no secret over the past few years who some of my favorite artists are.  The ones that really haunt me are the ones I’ve never been able to get anything going with (as a writer or editor) save for some convention discussions and drinks, or various emails traded over the year.  Let me tell you, the inimitable Jock is no exception.

I first discovered him via The Losers with Andy Diggle, and I’ve been a fan ever since.  At first I loved the way he laid out action, and then I fell in love with everything he’s done.  Especially his cover design.  The sense of design and the simple complexity blows me away every time.  He’s also been nothing but extremely nice and always responds humbly to my gushing praise, which just makes me like his work and long for the day we finally work together all the more.

Jock has just overhauled his website and put up loads of new content.  It’s clear when looking through his oeuvre that the guy is beloved by more than just comics, and it’s great to see his influence spread out from our little corner of the world.

Do yourself a favor and be about the new website (which has also been added to the sidebar):

Jock’s New(ly Redesigned) Website

Sneak Peek from New Book

I’ve been busy, knocking out deadlines and trying to get at least one more major thing rolling prior to San Diego.  Blogging has suffered, but not really because of any of that.  I adopted a kitten, and I’m preparing to bring a puppy home next week.  My secret evil plan to use dual Puss in Boots looks from each of them whenever I’m pitching should secure more work than I can handle.

Speaking of, here’s a first look from my upcoming Radical book co-written with Troy Peteri.

C.B. Cebulski Talks Doing Covers Right

C.B. Cebulski is much smarter and more lovable than me. Let’s just get that out of the way. He’s also an amazing source of knowledge and insight when it comes to the finer points of making comics. Today he offered a mini lesson about covers and I felt the information merited being preserved here rather than lost in the twitter stream.
C.B. says:
After looking over certain June solicits, I feel like going on a cover rant again, but will instead offer advice on creating cover art.

A cover is the most important piece of art you’ll create for your comic. It’s what will sell the book. Especially in today’s direct market.

This is even more true for indy/self/small press comics as you don’t have recognizable characters to grab a reader’s attention on the shelf.

You need a simple, bold, striking piece that should immediately standout & distinguish your book from the rest of the comics surrounding it.

Don’t get overly-complicated or designy. Don’t overthink your cover. Don’t get too cerebral. Simply give readers a taste of what’s inside.

These are simple, basic cover “rules,” I know, but I’m always surprised how often they’re forgotten. Especially by the bigger publishers.

Get Thee to the Comic Shoppe!

It’s that day again, New Comic Day. But this day, much like Passover, different than every other. And that’s because of one very special book. I’ve typed it before and I’ll type it again, but this is the day that BROKEN TRINITY: PANDORA’S BOX #1 hits stores.
This has been a very long journey for me. I could say it begins last May/June when Filip approached me about pitching the series. Or more than two years ago when I edited the initial event helmed by the incomparable Ron Marz and friends. But as this is my first series (to actually see print, which is a longer story for a different time), it’s the culmination of a dream I’ve had since my cousins first introduced me to comics in a Florida time share and the purchase of my first comic, Marvel Comics Presents #85 by Peter David and Sam Keith.
My short-form work (backups, one-shots) have been a fantastic experience for me, but this is the first shot I’ve had to tell a full story with space for characters and real moments. We’re all doing our best to make sure each one delivers. I am both honored and humbled by anyone who chooses to plunk down their hard-earned cash and buy the book today (or at any point in the future).
For those in the LA area, just a reminder that I’ll be signing this and anything else you’d like (preferably babies) from 2-5pm at Dream World Comics in West LA (details here). Bryan Edward Hill will be signing in St. Louis at Star Clipper (details here).
In case you need more convincing, here are a few choice tidbits for you:
Also, I’d like to give a shout-out and a hearty thanks to everyone who worked on this book: Alessandro Vitti, Sunny Gho, Troy Peteri, Tommy Lee Edwards, Phil Smith, Filip Sablik, Ron Marz, and of course, the man that needs no introduction… Bryan Edward Hill, without whom this book wouldn’t sing.

Meltcast w/Rob Levin

The fine folks at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood were nice enough to invite me down to discuss Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box and a few other things on their latest Meltcast (which you can also subscribe to via iTunes).
It was a fun show to do, great guys, and they sent me home with a cupcake, so I can’t wait to return for another go. Of the four or so podcasts I’m recording this week, this is the only one I did solo, so there’s that. The others are not live just yet, but they’ll be getting posts here as well.
I’m there for the whole thing, but the BT segment begins around the 46:30 mark if you’re pressed for time. I also talk (very quickly and with lots of “umms” and “uhhs” about my collaborative process with Bryan at about 37 minutes).