Spring Cleaning

  • Sleep is awesome. Not getting enough of it is not. Highly recommended for a healthy mind and body. I grew up in a house where no one slept enough and that’s continued to influence my sleep patterns. I have yet to organize my life and work around my chronotype, but actually sleeping the last few days has done wonders for me.
  • Hawaii (or, at least, Maui) is at beautiful as it’s cracked up to be. I spent my entire life hearing people talk about how much they love Hawaii and how beautiful it is, and despite seeing it in so many movies and TV shows, it still lives up to the hype. “Unbelievably beautiful” and “lush” are the two descriptors that seem to come close using language alone, and pictures don’t do it justice. Go. Now.
  • I’m looking for an artist for a creator-owned project. Realistically cartoony is the best way I can describe the aesthetic I’d like to find. If I could have my pick of any artist in the land my buddy Bernard Chang would draw it, but he’s a little too busy drawing stuff for DC at the moment so I’ll have to settle for maybe getting a cover from him. Don’t worry if your style doesn’t look like his, it’s just a touch stone. The book has some black comedic elements that won’t come across if we go too realistic and high-contrast with the darker elements, so I want the art to fit the lighter, occasionally cheeky tone. Drop me a line if you’re interested or know of an artist who might be.
  • There will be more non-writing/comics stuff on the blog moving forward. Fitness and nutrition have always been a major interest for me, so while I won’t be posting shirtless photos of myself and telling you how to get a 6-pack in 30 days, I will be posting interesting discoveries, articles and links to podcasts or videos. I’m much more consistent with my training than I am with my writing, and while I aim to bring that side of my life into better balance I want to make this site a better reflection of what’s occupying my mind.
  • While I can’t promise regular updates and hold myself to that without fail (blogs seem to be dying left and right), I will be posting “at least occasionally.” (For those who no longer have an RSS reader with the death of Google Reader, I highly recommend Feedly. I can’t figure out how to properly navigate it via the Android app, but as a desktop plug-in and site it’s ace.)

Next up: Struggle!

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