Ruff Ryding into iBooks Author

Originally this was going to be called “Big News,” but Apple’s insistence on immediately upgrading to all of their new software (and hardware) killed it for me.*  I suppose this title is better since it really has little to do with me (right now) in the first place.


The big news of the day is DMX clamoring for a Ruff Ryders reunion tour. That’s right, Mr. Earl “I Keep Going to Jail” Simmons wants to take advantage of being a free man and get on stage with the rest of the seemingly defunct RR crew and make some angry, barky rap music.  I haven’t been to a ton of hip-hop shows, but I did see them in Atlanta when they toured with Cash Money (when Li’l Wayne was still, well, li’l) and the concert holds a special place in my heart.  The first three DMX albums are pretty great, he’s a spirited performer, and I’m hoping the LOX will join up.  So I’m excited for this to come together.

Now, the news that’s more salient for readers of this (not quite defunct) blog.  Apple.  That’s all I need to say, right?

Apple announced some stuff about textbooks that’s actually pretty interesting (and potentially a major boon to broke college students everywhere), but I’m well past my $300/book days.  No, I’m talking about their other announcement.  iBooks Author, which allows anyone with a Mac to format and publish books to iBooks. All for the price of free.


The good news, this takes away many excuses for writers who have the content. There’s no longer a barrier to entry.  You can take your finished text/manuscript, plop it in Author, and output a (digital) book. Once it’s a book, you can sell it. Immediately. (No word yet on how Apple/iBooks plans to approve titles and/or regulate content.)

That’s the good news. The bad news is… Not every book needs to be published.  Let’s face it, there are a lot more wannabes writing bad books than need to be published.  By taking the editor/quality control element out of the equation, we open the floodgates and kill the signal:noise ration.  But, there are plenty of great writers out there who haven’t found their break, or can’t find a wide enough audience when self-publishing. There’s now more content to sift through on the Internet in order to find those gems.

The walls of old media are rapidly coming down. Between this, YouTube’s TV initiative, and having access to content wherever we go on a plethora of devices, the game is changing by the day if not the hour. There are no more excuses.

If DMX has taught us anything, it’s that… I don’t know, something about hustle.

Go. Write. Create. Hustle. Succeed.

*You must have OS X 10.7+ on your Mac in order to download and use iBooks Author. I upgraded my 4 and 5 year-old machines to 10.6 within the last two weeks…

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