My San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Schedule

I’m headed down to San Diego in the wee hours tomorrow with newly minted “Flash” co-writer Brian Buccellato, but I wanted to stop in and give you fine people (Hi, Mom!) an update on my goings on at the show.

This is the first time since my first couple shows as an intern that I’ll neither be sitting in on any panels nor having any announcements, so if you want to find me it’ll have to be while I’m loose on the floor or at one of my three signings for Top Cow (#2629).  I’ll be happy to sign anything (so feel free to bring copies of “Abattoir” to the Top Cow booth) any time if you were happy enough to buy it.

Friday:  Top Cow Booth – 1pm-2pm (with art juggernauts Whilce Portacio, Jeremy “Through His Head” Haun and Eric Canete)

Saturday: Top Cow Booth – 10am-11am (with David Marquez, who has gotten so damn good I may never be fortunate enough to work with him).  Whoever brings me meat-free goodies first (in case there’s no time for breakfast) gets something free…

Sunday: Top Cow Booth – 1:30pm-3pm (with Whilce and Jeremy again, who are still awesome)

Looking forward to catching up with friends, fans and future collaborators at the show.


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