7 DAYS FROM HELL – The Skinny on Pilot Season Voting

Pilot Season voting is open. 5 books enter, 1 book walks out a winner. The competition is fierce, as it always is. One week into the competition, the early lead belongs to the Hill/Levin/Noto/Stelfreeze-driven 7 DAYS FROM HELL. 39 MINUTES is nipping at its heels though, and the promo is ramping up for all of the books. Now is not the time to rest on laurels.

The winner of the popular vote lives to see another day in the form of a new series.  The losers go to that comic book graveyard in the sky (or more accurately someone’s basement). The voting is unlimited, meaning that anyone can vote as often as they want for the entire month. The most votes decides the victor. Vote early, vote often.

This book needs to continue. It’s been reverse engineered to work for both the short haul (a Pilot Season one-shot) and the long haul (a series). The idea is to give you the hottest book possible month in and month out. Character. Style. Action. Substance.

7 DAYS FROM HELL makes violence sexy again, courtesy of Phil Noto and Brian Stelfreeze, the only artists we ever considered approaching for the project.  If it were a rap song, it would be a banger, but with lyrics by Talib Kweli. Like we told you in the book, “If most comics are soda pop, we’d like to think this is scotch over ice. Single malt. Hold it up to the light and watch the amber glow in your glass.”

I will not let you down. Bryan will not let you down. 7 DAYS FROM HELL will not let you down. For these reasons and more, it needs your votes this month.

Vote early. Vote often. Vote 7 DAYS FROM HELL @ tiny.cc/vote7DAYS

More promo and behind-the-scenes stuff coming your way in the coming days, but today we present a history (from my perspective) of the book’s journey to your local comic shop.

How it Came to Be

7 DAYS FROM HELL began life as a pitch to me as an editor from a writer I’d only known a couple of months and spoken to maybe half a dozen times. In a time before Hill/Levin, there was just Bryan Edward Hill, writer of things I hadn’t read and friend of Nelson Blake II. He asked if he could pitch me something, and it was hot fire. So hot that I wanted to do it having never read a word outside of emails that this dude had written.

He began sending me samples of his work, and I was hooked. He immediately became one of my favorite writers.  We approved the book for Pilot Season 2009, an initiative that was later replaced by the still in-progress Kirkman/Silvestri Pilot Season.  Time went by and I was no longer editing, and Bryan found his book shelved indefinitely, as had that entire Pilot Season slate. We were developing and co-writing other projects together at the time, and Bryan eventually asked me to come on board as co-writer of 7 DAYS FROM HELL.  I’d like to say I brought something amazing to the table, but Bryan’s concept had it all to begin with. It was a 10, and I tried to push it toward an 11.

When Filip asked us if we’d still be interested in having the book be part of Pilot Season earlier this year, we didn’t hesitate. We didn’t ask who else was involved or what other concepts were out there.  We just went back to work, made our script tighter and hotter and got Noto and Stelfreeze to do the heavy lifting. We would not be denied.

The voting doesn’t scare us. We trust you. We trust that you’ll make the right decision not just for this Pilot Season competition, but for the future of comics as well. What do you want from your comics? More of the same? Movie pitches disguised as comics? Or books so hot they’ll melt your fingers when you read them?  We’re giving you the latter because we already know what you want.

You just need to remind Top Cow and the other publishers. Vote for 7 DAYS FROM HELL as often as your fingers and your Internet connection allows you. Help us promote the book and the voting. We’ll worry about delivering the goods. You only need to worry about a world where quality comics don’t get their shot at the title.

Hill/Levin are here now.

We will not lose.

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