TGIM – Microblogging

I’ll admit, I’m a little behind.  Been buried with work and trying to make sure I’m out ahead of artists needing script.  Plus I got sick last week, which didn’t do much for my usual lethargic energy levels.  I’ll get back to long form blogging in the near future, but for now I’ve taken up to tumbling with both a personal (mainly photos) and work tumblr.  It’s much easier to post media and things that strike my fancy due to the nature of microblogging, whereas here I feel compelled to deliver true, original content and process stuff.  There’s some decent or better material on both, so give ’em a read and a follow if that’s your bag.

The Rob Levin tumblr (work)

tumblroblevin (personal)


And yes, I know I’m posting a TGIM on a Tuesday. But I wasn’t when I started typing this post, because I’m exhausted and going to sleep.

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