TGIM – “Firebreather” Movie

I’m a huge fan of “Firebreather,” the Image Comics series from Phil Hester, Andy Kuhn and Bill Crabtree. It’s a great book, and next month it will be receiving the animated movie treatment from the fine folks at Cartoon Network. I don’t talk about the things I really enjoy here or on twitter as much as I talk about what’s bugging me or letting me down. Our pal Firebreather never lets me down.

They’ve just released a teaser trailer for the movie, and while I can spot some immediate changes, it looks like a pretty cool adaptation. You can check out the teaser at the movie’s official site.

For those that want to know what the book’s all about, you can catch up with the first two trade paperback collections here and here. There’s also a new miniseries coming out in December from the old gang, “Firebreather: Holmgang.” You can check out a 4-page preview on CBR and pre-order the book from your LCS. Still not convinced? Check out the “Firebreather vs. Dragon Prince” book next month. Two dragon-ish teens from the combos of Hester/Kuhn and Marz/Johnson/Moder collide. Literally. The one-shot is 120 pages, contains origins and first issues for both heroes, and is a steal at $7.99.

Be about it.

One thought on “TGIM – “Firebreather” Movie

  1. how could this guy possibly exist? unless his dad can take on a humanoid form then it might be pretty hard. and don’t start going on about how there’s dragons in it, cause that much is obvious, but still. i just can’t see how it’s possible.

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