TGIM – Back at It

I go through fits and starts. It seems I have months where I’ve written nary a word, and others where I write at least two. I’m generally pretty fast, but never as productive as I want to be.  I want to go through one of those months where I look back and say, “That was a hell of a lot of writing I got done last month.”

Which brings us to the here and now. The last month was one of the least productive in recent memory. I can’t go through that again because shaking the rust out is much tougher than staying in a groove.  When I first started this blog (as Authentic Impostor) I was doing daily updated Monday through Friday with the occasional weekend post.  Shortly after that I got laid off, but the updated continued. And then they didn’t.  Days went by, then weeks. I don’t think I’ve ever missed a month, but I’m sure I’ve gotten close.

Working freelance has led to awful habits. I don’t wake up the same time every day. I confuse distractions with research. I have days where I don’t make money and I don’t get any work done.  Living in a city like Los Angeles, I can’t exactly afford it.

I was most productive the first six months after Top Cow.  I was a hustler, working on more projects and putting in longer hours than when I had a regular check coming.  A lot of that was fear, but part of it was about habit-forming behaviors like blogging.  I was doing it daily, usually in the morning, which put me in a better, more focused mood to create.

They say it takes twenty-one days to create a habit.  I’m going to spend the next four weeks (because I don’t want to blog on weekends) trying to make this thing daily and worth your time. Maybe I’ll even revisit Wake Up Productive, which I did for two weeks and abandoned.  Maybe there’s something to the twenty-one day tip.

In any event, I want to write more.  I want to finally finish a screenplay (see tomorrow’s entry).  And I want to know why Jason Aaron and I are the only working writers still double spacing after periods.  Neither of us has the answer.

If you have any suggestions for blog topics or want to ask me any questions, leave a comment and I’ll address in a future post.  As always, no topic is too stupid, but the person suggesting it might be.

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