Adventures in Bad Design #1

I’m a bit of a design snob/nerd despite not being a designer myself.  I love logos, typography and killer design.  From now on when I see bad shit, I’m going to repost it here.  I’ll even do my best to post good stuff as in the below example.  Tommy Lee Edwards has already done this with more examples and better insight on his blog, but I’ll take a run at it from more of a writer/editor perspective than his as an artist (and he’ll still be cooler and more talented than me).

Tonight’s idea is via writer Gary Whitta’s twitter.

How did Vacation go from this beautiful illustrated poster for its theatrical release…

…to this piece of shit for the Blu-Ray?

I’m assuming the thinking is that the latter more accurately represents what the movie is about/how it actually looks.  But I think they’re missing the point.

Seriously, who are the ad wizards that came up with that one?

One thought on “Adventures in Bad Design #1

  1. I couldn’t agree more.

    When LucasFilm remastered Star Wars in THX in the 90’s, they made a similar move for the VHS, using fairly boring packaging (it didn’t suck as bad as the Vacation art above), forgetting that there was some great nostalgia-inducing poster art sitting around…

    Also, look at political signs and bumper stickers for terrible design. In the quest to send a message, campaigns forget that the whole mission of signage is to be readable. For example, look at this turd:

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