TGIM – Nothing?

Ever have those days when you can’t seem to find anything to be happy about? Yeah, me too. Usually they end in a Y.

I’ve hit a critical point in my life/career and it’s not something I’m really comfortable blogging about. Let’s just say that frustrations have mounted and I’m trying to find the best direction to push out in so that I can get back to being happy and productive.

A lot of my struggles of late have to do with my own lack of appreciation for the work that I’m doing. I just don’t feel that I’m delivering the level that I want for myself and that people who pay me to write deserve. I always want to be better, but that’s not the issue here. I know when I’ve done my job and want more, and when I’ve come up short. I feel like everything is coming up short of late and I can’t seem to grab onto anything that feels like the goods.

I’ve got things to be happy about, but I can’t seem to remember that or focus on it. But tomorrow is another day, and another chance to get it right or do better. So maybe that’s today’s TGIM.

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