TGIM – 10 Fingers

I mentioned my hand was one of the things throwing me off my game of late.  I got the cast off on Thursday and despite x-rays looking just as bad to my lay eye as they did on the initial break, the doc says I’m good to go.  When he put me in the cast, he said the hardest part would be getting mobility back in my finger.  It would be painful, might require physical therapy, and would take some time.

Thursday was nothing but pain.  He showed me some simple exercises designed to stretch the tendons in my finger and I was supposed to do them at least once an hour.  They hurt like hell, with the one closest to the tip of my finger being excruciating and not showing any progress.  As I began to have a slightly movable finger, I became discouraged by the fact that I could only move it by pushing on it with the other hand.  Trying to do it on my own power was more painful than the exercises.

But then Sunday happened.  I slept in and worried that my fingers had been in the same position too long.  But as I got through the first couple exercises of the day, I realized my hand was moving – just a bit, but progress is progress.  It’s gotten better over the last day or so to the point where I can form 3/4 of a fist, and the exercises don’t hurt much at all.  My finger is starting to look like it might also one day straighten out.

And so we give thanks today, for my eventual return to two-handed glory.  There’s still a way to go to get back to full mobility, and my finger still looks swollen, but we’re on our way.  After this I need to get the strength back.  The weirdest part is re-introducing the finger into use.  I’ve been so used to using my ring and pinky on the left hand that even my un-hurt middle finger feels foreign.  I have to force myself to do things like type, turn pages, and pick up bags and other items just to get it back in the rhythm.

My spirits have lifted as the cast has come off, so I’m riding high these days.  Who knows.  Maybe the Hawks won’t even do anything to ruin that.

If you’re wondering about the image in the center above, that’s my shower glove, the XeroSox.  You actually suck out all the air from the glove once it’s on, providing a vacuum seal.  It’s exactly as crazy as it sounds, but it meant the difference between taking a bath or a one-handed normal(ish) shower.  And if you follow me on twitter, you’d have seen that fetish photo weeks ago.

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