C.B. Cebulski Talks Doing Covers Right

C.B. Cebulski is much smarter and more lovable than me. Let’s just get that out of the way. He’s also an amazing source of knowledge and insight when it comes to the finer points of making comics. Today he offered a mini lesson about covers and I felt the information merited being preserved here rather than lost in the twitter stream.
C.B. says:
After looking over certain June solicits, I feel like going on a cover rant again, but will instead offer advice on creating cover art.

A cover is the most important piece of art you’ll create for your comic. It’s what will sell the book. Especially in today’s direct market.

This is even more true for indy/self/small press comics as you don’t have recognizable characters to grab a reader’s attention on the shelf.

You need a simple, bold, striking piece that should immediately standout & distinguish your book from the rest of the comics surrounding it.

Don’t get overly-complicated or designy. Don’t overthink your cover. Don’t get too cerebral. Simply give readers a taste of what’s inside.

These are simple, basic cover “rules,” I know, but I’m always surprised how often they’re forgotten. Especially by the bigger publishers.


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