Blogging Format/Hosting

If you’re reading this on the site (as opposed to an RSS feed), you’ll notice that the design of the blog has been tweaked slightly since last week. I was tired of reading things on black backgrounds and wanted to go clean and smooth. Hopefully it is, at the very least, a bit easier on the eyes.
But now it’s time for the audience participation section of this blog. Ready…?
I’ve got a couple different ideas about what I want to do with my blog and a couple different domains I have access to. There are also several different formats (tumblr, Posterous, WordPress, and the current Blogger platform) I can use. Here’s where you come in:
1) What do you want to see from me on this blog in terms of content? There will always be a light smattering of promo and a whole lot of process. But what else can I do to make this a more enjoyable experience for you? Would you enjoy more of what amuses me as I surf and twitter (links to articles, videos, quotes, and the like)? Or would you rather I stay focused on this being a work blog and the things that interest me on occasion?
2) If you answered yes to the final question in #1, would you be interested in a microblog of all that other stuff that’s more amusing and filed for future research use? I’m hesitant to split things across too many different avenues, but I do see how there are distinct divisions in each effort and that segregating may actually be useful to keep the signal-to-noise ration down.
3) Are you happy with Blogger? It’s a little long in the tooth by now, and doesn’t offer the ease of use in terms of changing themes and features that some of the newer options do. Is there an alternate blogging platform (some friends also use Squarespace, which I have not messed with) you enjoy using or reading yourself? Sticking with Blogger is the easiest as it means no tech change, but I’m after what’s best for the long haul, not what’s easiest for me. Tumblr has a bevvy of social features, while WordPress has tons of gadgets I can use to better display links and images. I’ve messed around with all of them, so I’m curious to hear what you think.
I don’t often ask for outside opinions, but if you take the time to read this blog, know that your opinion both matters and is valid.

One thought on “Blogging Format/Hosting

  1. Not much to add in terms of content, but I will say as far as blogging services go, I enjoy WordPress the most. It has a lot of nice plug-ins, simple to use tools, and there are a fair amount of built in themes that I like, especially for text or photo blogs. I've used blogger and Typepad in the past. Blogger is a little archaic and changes at Typepad during the time I used it just didn't agree with me. And btw migrating posts from one blog provider to the other wasn't that difficult. Hope that helps some.

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