TGIM – Amusement Parks

Yesterday marked my first trip to Knott’s Berry Farm. I’ll be perfectly honest, for most of mylife I didn’t even know there was another park out here other than the Disney’s and Magic Mountain. It was October of 2003 when my roommate told me he was going to Knott’s Scary Farm, and I punnily replied, “If it’s not scary, why are you going?” My mother just informed me that she went there when she was 5, and thought it was Knottsberry Farm, nor does she remember them having coasters. The Levins apparently have a long, confused relationship with Knott’s.
The Farm ran a 2-for-1 special in February so my special lady and I decided to take advantage of the final of February’s 28 days. Say what you want about Knott’s – it’s small, the rides are no good, Snoopy is no Mickey, etc. – I had a hell of a time. There’s something special about amusement parks. I’ve been to Six Flags Over Georgia a few dozen times, but I’ve only been once (to Disneyland for Xmas a couple years back) since a week-long run during spring break of senior year when my back was summarily destroyed by the end of it.
Knott’s is tiny, but I don’t see that as a bad thing. It meant we could leave one ride and be in line for another in under five minutes. Every time. Ghost Rider is a very solid entry in the classic wooden coasters category, and the Silver Bullet is a really slick suspended coaster that we were able to go on at least 3 times. And the Sierra Sidewinder is the world’s first 360-degree coaster, which means that the cars are round and spin. Kind of interesting, and very dizzying.
I liked forgetting about work for a day (because let’s face it, 30 minute of video games always feel like a pause) and just going thrill-seeking in a safe environment. Amusement parks allow you to just forget everything else and plan your adventure. It’s too bad crowds are more annoying these days – people are louder and more annoying, douchebags are a prevalent subculture, and kids have the power to destroy my brain with their squeals. If not for these problems, I’d happily get a season pass to a couple of them. Coasters make speeding in your car seem like child’s play.
As always, the food is somewhere between horrendous and fantabulous (a word you should never use). But sometimes you have to indulge.

This morning was a wake up call that I can’t forget about work too long, no matter how much I’d rather be spinning and pretending I’m a carney. But this weekend’s fun will propel me through this week’s trials.
Oh yeah, and next weekend we’re going to Disneyland…

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