TGIM – Hawks 3-0 Against Celtics

I know, I know. I said I would mainly stick to the sports talk over on Geekweek, but I couldn’t resist.

Today was generally a crappy day what with Mark McGwire admitting to PED use, Pete Carroll officially resigning from USC, and Sony scrapping the plans for Spider-Man 4 and going forward with a re-boot (yes, an origin story) of the franchise sans Raimi and Maguire. Plus, there was that whole “working” thing. Had some not fun experiences, and didn’t start writing until around 10:30 tonight.
I could talk about how great the previous draft of what I’m working on is (and my plans to ruin it), or the Hawks. I choose the Hawks.
They’ve beaten Boston (yes, a wee bit short-handed tonight) 3 times this year, and twice in Boston. That’s huge, regardless of who’s on the court. Even bigger was Joe Johnson all game long and Jamal Crawford in crunch time. Hell of a game.
My boys don’t make it easy, but I sure am happy when they win. I’ll be ecstatic if we sweep the season series against the Celtics at the end of this month.
P.S. No more Monday blogs that start at 2:30am on Tuesdays. This is some very weak writing. Feels like I’m just filling a quota. Which I am.

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