TGIM – Free(-ish) Wi-Fi

On the road working from my grandmother’s house, and unsecured WiFi is a hot commodity in Ohio it would appear. I have to be upstairs, in the farthest corner of the house. I thought I had found a solid connection when I went to load up this blog… And it was dead. I’ve found another connection but I’m hanging on for dear life right now, hoping I’ll have enough juice (and as I type that sentence it’s gone again) to update this post.
I downloaded a free WiFi app for my iPhone that tells me of free hotspots based on location. I knew about the Panera down the street, but no one else will eat there (they’re all dieting) and I don’t have money to go on my own. The Ohio coffee culture isn’t the same as in LA, so I’d likely be the only person sitting there not drinking or eating, taking a solo meeting with his laptop.
I’ll figure something out. For now, TGIM for the secret corners of grandmother’s houses where you can for a scarce moment connect with the outside world.
P.S. Has anyone had any problems downloading jpegs from your iPhone email (CMYK) and then trying to export them into iPhoto, but it says it didn’t recognize them? Not having WiFi I can connect both the iPhone and MacBook to, it’s increasingly hard to pull random files back and forth.

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