TGIM – Old Balls

Anyone that knows me, or reads this, knows that dodgeball is a major part of my life. Since February 2008 when Alexander asked me if I wanted to join a league, it’s eaten up more of my time than just about anything (including drinking). However, the fact that we drink after matches doesn’t really make counting all that easy.
Alexander and I joined at random, just marking that we wanted to play together. We were placed on Old Balls, the team by which all others are judged, and we won championships our first two seasons. Old Balls hasn’t returned to the top of the podium since then (in 3 seasons since), but we’ve remained competitive, including losing in a Finals tie-breaker.
After last season (about two months back), the team was in strife. We had different people that wanted to go in different directions, and a vote was called for. What was the future of Old Balls to be? Ultimately the vote led to a split, with a former captain electing to leave the team and start anew. It was the first time we had lost an original Old Ball, and the first time loyalties had been questioned.
Tonight we kicked off yet another Hollywood season, and there were a handful of [New] Old Balls in the mix. We played a relatively inexperienced team and dominated (Mission: Establish Dominance – Completed). We played the way Old Balls used to. Smart, efficient, and having fun the whole time.
I love my Old Balls. It’s going to be yet another great season.
P.S. I know I lost a week of posts last week. I have them all planned, just haven’t had time to right. Time is money, and I’ve got none of either. I’ll catch up soon.

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