I Really Need My Domain Set Up

Spent most of the morning attempting to get some mid-level blogs set up. I’ve reserved accounts with both tumblr and Posterous, and have yet to start using either. My goal is to set up a personal one – random pics, fun stuff, life – and a work one – reference, links, research, etc. Problem is, I don’t know which option is the best long term, so I’m attempting to set up all, use Posterous primarily, and have it update everything else.
But get this, I can’t have two Posterous sites update the same twitter (@roblevin), and @authenticimpostor is too many characters to have on twitter, so I’d need to create another name… But tumblr lets me update one twitter from two sites.
Why am I doing this again?
Bad enough I have a blog that’s been in place of setting up a real website for almost a year, but I’ve made zero progress on the logo (Bernard did a sketch of my nipple, so technically that’s some progress), hosting, and site design. So why would I want to create two more medium blogs?
1) I want to have a place I can dump photos from my life (twitpic style), quotes, and other stuff. I don’t think that necessarily has a place on either a full-on blog like this, or on a business site once I get it fully up and running (beyond this blog).
2) I want to keep things separate. A work tab and a personal tab. Sure, I could use tags, but that adds a whole other wrinkle.
3) I have an inflated sense of self-importance.
4) I apparently never want to get anything done ever again, so’s I can help the Internet. It would be so lost without my love and nurturing.
If I was smart I would either a) abandon this foolish endeavor altogether or b) just use tumblr which has way better themes and customization. But the nagging suspicion that Posterous is better, and newer, will gnaw at me.
If anyone is reading this (I’m looking at you, KODY CHAMBERLAIN), I could really use some help setting up my domain (www.AuthenticImpostor.com). I don’t have hosting right now, just the domain registered and pointing here at the blogger blog. I need hosting and to do design a fully-functional site. If anyone wants to help me get my pro site up and running (ideally for trade, as money isn’t something I’m familiar with), please get in touch at authenticimpostor AT gmail DOT com.
This has been yet another waste of time and cry for help presented by the Internets.

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