TGIM – Union Night

Today wasn’t a great day for me, but it ended well. And I owe that largely to some solid football games and the fine folks over at Union Entertainment. They’re a talent management and production entity focused largely on video games, and had a big hand in helping bring The Darkness to life as a game. Once a month they sponsor an industry mixer night featuring talents from video games, comics, and film. Free beer and wine, good people, and a chance to get paid. What could be wrong with that?

Usually I go and do a bit of networking, hob nob with some of my favorite Busby’s folk (it’s home for about the last year), and hang out with some of my favorite cats like Mel Caylo and Filip Sablik. Tonight, everyone bailed on me. They all had stuff to do, so I’d need to take advantage of the mixer aspect of it all if I didn’t want to be the anti-social guy in the corner.

I ended up having a really good night, meeting some cool and interesting people, and washing off the leftovers of a somewhat dismal day. And hey, I have at least two people I need to follow up with tomorrow about some potential projects. Win win win.

Let’s make this week a good one, shall we.


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