TGIM(T?) – Staycation

I didn’t make much in the way of plans for Labor Day weekend. I’m not really a vacations or holidays kind of guy. But after three weeks of busting ass and feeling like I was just spinning my wheels knee deep in mud, I needed a break. I decided I would do as close to nothing as possible.
But what is nothing you ask?
Sleeping in, watching movies and Futurama, eating out, barbecue in Malibu then watching the tide come in at night, lots of laughing, eating way too much all-you-can-eat Mongolian BBQ, seeing (500) Days of Summer a second time, coloring books, a barbecue in Hollywood, love burgers, good friends, quality time, and never enough Mel Caylo.
I slipped up and did a little work (an hour on the phone with Bryan Hill) mid-day yesterday, followed by a flurry of emails and notes last night around midnight. But hey, it’s the closest I’ve had to a vacation since I graduated from college. That 5 days in the UK don’t count, because I was there for a convention and working every minute I was in a hotel room.
I can’t think of a better way to have spent the last 3+ days. I’m refreshed, creatively inspired, and ready to kick ass for the rest of 2009. Lots of things on my mind, going to put as many of those into action as I can. Expect more regular blogging, as I plan to start my days either finishing pitches or getting in a groove by writing entries here.

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