TGIM – Synergy

I’m not talking about the corporate buzzword, when various aspects of a company come together to co-promote itself in a never-ending orgy of cross-platform marketing and exploitation (which I actually think is a good and brilliant thing when handled correctly). I’m talking more about when everything in your life starts to gel at the right time, and one good thing begets another.
I feel like everything is headed in a really good direction for me right now. Work is good, the screenplay is flowing (as of this writing I need another 5 pages for the day, but considering I wrote 5 in about 90 minutes, I think some time after dodgeball will get me to the safe zone), and even my personal life is looking like the hot fire. I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun at both work and play in a long time.
Parties, good friends, baseball games with my hometown Braves, etc. And I’m writing. So often in life, especially during my time at Top Cow, I was choosing areas to focus on. I always had work as the big chunk, and I often sacrificed personal projects. I had some fun at times, and I forgot to have it at others.
One of the things I’ve learned since leaving Top Cow is how to better use my time. I still get everything I need to done (for freelance editing, pitches, writing, etc.), but I also make time for me. Me the person, me the writer, me the couch potato. I’m oddly living a richer (not monetarily), fuller life in funemployment than I ever did with a great job.
And I think it’s all because of synergy. When it all comes together, sometimes there’s magic.
Sidebar: Little known fact, I first heard the word synergy on some MTV special. It was during a phase in which I wanted to be black, rock a flat top, and thought that Chain Letter was a great book.

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