Since I didn’t mention it earlier, I ended up taking the weekend off from the screenplay. Don’t know if it did me good or bad, because I managed to get my ten pages done today. And just a hair before midnight too, not that it would matter if I finished at 3pm or 3am to me.
It is now, at 51 pages, the furthest I’ve made it into a screenplay (previous mark was 47 pages, which I wrote in two nights sophomore year of college). Not an accomplishment until it’s actually done, but a sign post along the way to mark my journey.
I don’t know where this thing is going right now. I have the overall story and I’m about to hit the midpoint which changes things and should help me tighten up, but the journey there has gone unexpected directions and I’m really doing my best not to edit as I go. Had a couple scenes I know I’ll be revising tomorrow as a warm-up (which I did not do today due to getting going very late, probably to my own detriment), but the pages keep ticking and the story keeps moving. Fair enough.
Today’s quota met, time for a little bedtime snack (been incredibly hungry since eating at 7pm tonight) and an episode of Dead Like Me. Tomorrow will be another ten pages, and hopefully hammering out a pitch for some cohorts to get feedback on until it’s live to the world.

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