Finished my first official week of SCREENPLAY OVERDRIVE.
One day of planning, four days of writing. The cursor calmly sits mid-way down on page 41, waiting for me to write more. I guess I’m about a third of the way done, though I have a feeling this first draft is going to come in long.
I sat down today with the nagging feel that the first half of Act II still sucked. I looked at my cards, thought about the story, and decided I would introduce a new character to help my character out. When in need, invent something or someone. New character, quick backstory, long scene to make him a vital part. But the question is, how does he fit in with the later things I’m still using? That remains to be seen…
Today’s ten pages kind of sucked, but overall its longer than the previous attempt (41 pages to the previous 39), and I think the opening and general thrust of the story works better. I’ll call that a win.
Again, the one thing I’m really working toward here is finishing. I know there’s good stuff in the story, it just might not be as tight as I want it to be when I get done with a first pass. So I’ll do another. For now, just finish.
Let that be a lesson to all neophyte (and veteran) creators out there. Finishing is one of the most important aspects of the game. Can’t finish, can’t submit, can’t produce, can’t get paid, can’t move on. Now, quality is obviously a major factor, but sometimes your creative brain needs to vomit, then you piece through the mess and keep the good stuff. Like the corn and beans that never got properly digested.
Hello, weekend. Treat this writer well. He has more in store for you…

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