TGIM – 30 Rock

Feeling a little pressure to take care of last minute prep for SDCC, or maybe that’s just an excuse, but today’s TGIM will be a short one.
I’ve been watching 30 Rock on Netflix Instant all weekend (and into today), and it’s pretty fantastic how far the show has come. I thought it was better than I expected at the beginning of Season 1, but had low expectations going in and had never been a Tina Fey fan. I watched for Tracy Morgan, fully assuming Studio 60 would be the better show (and for a season it almost was).
But something happened in Season 2 and the show started to really find its footing. The characters went from being quirky to hyperbolized – in a good way. What got good toward the end of Season 2 became almost uniformly great in Season 3. All of the dynamics work together in a way that few comedies with disparate plot elements have managed since Seinfeld’s departure. The supporting characters began to step up, and I actually started to like Fey on the show. Some weeks across this past season it was even better than the mighty juggernaut that is The Office.
If you haven’t watched, the whole series is on Netflix Instant. And if you don’t have that, rent some DVDs and check it out, or stream a few on the website (link above).
And here’s the scene that first made me think it had potential for greatness:

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