TGIM – The Most Powerful Mantra

Before I start, let me just post a bit of a disclaimer. I have no idea if I even believe the title of this post. I seem to get myself into a positive state more by looking at the post-it on my wall that says “It’s Always On.” more than I find myself repeating this. But I digress…
I guess I find myself talking a lot about self-help/self-improvement of late. In the face of daunting tasks, negative ideas, and general conflict, it helps me to fall back on something I’ve already learned. It gives me a strategy for dealing with my days. But that’s where the brilliance of this particular mantra comes into play.
“Whatever happens to me, given any situation, I’ll handle it.”
Think about that for a minute. Think of all the bad things that have happened in your life. Death of a loved one, getting mugged, getting dumped, losing your job, humiliation, defeat, etc. And yet, if you’re reading this, you’ve handled it. You’ve made it through the other side. Every single thing that’s been thrown at you in your life, you’ve dealt with and overcome. I first heard this when reading Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway, a pretty fantastic book by Dr. Susan Jeffers.
I haven’t had a particularly good year. In the past 7 months I lost my job, broke my thumb, watched my bank account dwindle to nothing, had to make a lot of sacrifices (several of which I would imagine have weakened some friendships), and to top it off I haven’t been dating. Sounds bad enough, but when you add in that I’ve taken 5 and 3-week stints off from drinking, as well as not hanging out at bars… I don’t know how I made it through either.
But this mantra, and the knowledge of its simple truth in the back of my head, has helped to keep me on the path. When things go bad I’m not immune to reacting negatively. But more often than not, I can pause, consider, and then remind myself that whatever happens, I’ll handle it.
And handle it I have. I’m still here. I’m happy more often than not (if busy all the time). And I’m finally in a position where I’m pursuing my dream full-time. I’m not getting paid full-time to pursue said dream, but I’ve placed myself in the position for that to become a reality.
When the world spins out of control, when it feels like nothing will ever be right again, you could do worse than to remind yourself of this mantra. And for those sick of self-help stuff, I promise I’ll talk about writing or movies or comics this week.

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