TGIM – Live Music

I don’t know how long it had been, but certainly long enough.
It took me a while to warm up to live music. At first I realized so many bands just sounded better with all that polish they got from studio mixing and processing. But then I got smarter. Those were bad bands whose sounds weren’t particularly good, so hearing them live was like wasting money. True musicians, and true performers, were often better live due to variations and improvisation. When I started to get that, thanks to seeing bands like Dark Star Orchestra and others, I started to enjoy live music more and more.
I still haven’t been to that many shows (I think less than ten across six years in LA), but I dig them. The last thing I went to see was Vampire Weekend, which I got to for the final song, and then an encore. Um, the LA Metro is an experience…
Some friends of mine were debuting their new band last night, The Ross Sea Party. I tried to talk myself out of going (cost, parking, I’m lame), but ultimately convinced myself that it’s better to go out and play it by ear than staying home. You never know what’s going to happen when you go out.
All I know is, good show. Especially for a first one. I’ll definitely check them out again. And if I ever find some money I’ll start going to more concerts. Live music is good stuff (I had been listening to an unplugged CD over the weekend anyhow) and I’d like to get to more. Maybe Frank Turner will come back to the states soon…
Also, if you’re going to wear something that would be considered ironic enough (or perhaps even post-ironic) that I could wear it to dodgeball… please reconsider. The same goes for makeup and eyeshadow on male lead singers. Maybe play a private show and shoot some video. Then watch it back and see how ridiculous you look. The two bands I caught music from after Ross Sea were… interesting, to say the least.
That’s all I got. Take that, Monday!

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