I’ve been feeling creatively stifled this week.  On my plate has been revisions for my one-shot script, adapting a screenplay into a comic, and taking someone’s concept and making it my (our) own.
Monday I lost to meetings.  It happens, but I got some stuff done.  Tuesday I couldn’t get anything revised, so I did other things to distract me.  A call to co-writer Bryan Hill was the most creative I got, as we took one thing, kept the general elements of it and then totally turned it on its ear.  Not sure if that version will get approved, but it’s a cool story nonetheless.
Since then I’ve written nothing.  I spent Wednesday lost in a fog, and yesterday trying to slog through and get anything on the page.  Instead it ended up being a personal email clean up and reading day.  I felt really good last night though, and started having the inklings of creative ideas.  Hopefully the fog is lifting.
This morning I exchanged emails with Bryan, who told me he was kind of feeling the same way.  I think our creative excellence on Tuesday night might have been all we had to give for the workweek.  The weekend is coming, routines are set, and the words will flow.
There will be writing.

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