I(TM)WT – 5/14/09

Today’s Interesting (To Me) Writing Tidbit is that my process on this one-shot I’m writing has never felt more scattershot. Because I had a better idea of the complete plot than usual, I wanted to do a page-by-page breakdown and then tear through the whole process of writing the actual script. So I ended up doing a looser breakdown of the pages, then started on the script.
I wondered, going in, if I should try laying down all the dialogue first, then the action. From page 1 it didn’t feel right, so I went my usual method. Now that I’m a ways into it, what I’ve discovered is that I had to skip a page because I have no idea how to pull it off, and I have one page each of dialogued but not plotted and plotted but not dialogued pages.
I feel like some kind of maniac with the script. Should be able to finish up mid-day tomorrow, but I have the feeling I’ll need another pass or two to even feel like it’s worthy of being turned in. Right now, I have no idea if any of it’s good or utter shit.

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