The End is Nigh!

Everything is in the shitter right now.  Or at least that’s what the doomsayers keep telling us every time you turn on the tube or listen to some jerk bitching on his cell phone.  The economy is shit, the world is shit, blah blah blah.
John August sent his writing assistant to a WGA panel on the state of the film industry on Thursday night, and here’s the info he came back with (thanks to Michael Wilson for the link).
If there’s one thing I learned from the often excellent series Friday Night Lights, it’s this.  “When all the scared rats are leaving the sinking market, that’s when a real entrepreneur steps in. A true visionary…”  I’m not scared.  Sure, I don’t know if the spec I’m working on is going to sell or even land me an agent.  I don’t know if I sell this, if I’ll ever sell anything again.  But there’s something I’ve learned time and time again, most recently from Misters Hill and Wygant.
You have to live a life of abundance.  You can’t be so concerned with your ideas, resources, money, and talent.  If you’ve really got ideas and talent, you’ll be fine.  Put out what you’ve got into the world (money included) and you’ll get it back.  If you’ve got more than one idea (Joe McFadden always called it “one bullet”) then you can make a career and have success.  If you’ve got one…  Maybe try to find something else to do.
I’m not as prolific as some, not as talented as others, but I am quite talented and hope to get to a prolific perch as this year rolls on.  I’m gonna make it, doom and gloom be damned.

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