A Good Question…

My dad called me on his way home from work today to check in and see what I was up to.  He asked if I had any meetings, and I told him about my two very promising meetings today, and that my pitch was nearly finished up.  He fired a volley my way:
“How many projects can you work on at one time?”
It’s a good question.  Considering I’ve only written one mini (which I won’t be credited on), I don’t actually know how much time it’ll take me to write comic scripts in addition to any of my own writing (features, prose, etc.) at the same time.  When I did it before, I was always squeezing it in at night and on weekends.  Now my days are full of meetings and writing, and talking about meetings and writing.  Sometimes even meetings where we talk about writing!
But yeah, I’m not sure.  There’s definitely that one aspect of the freelance mentality where you take anything that’s offered because you don’t know when the phone will stop ringing, but that’s really not my steez.  If I can’t bring my voice and my A-game to a project, I can’t accept it.  I think it’s easy to make that mistake, but if you’re any good (and I like to think I am) and even somewhat prolific you shouldn’t have a problem.
I have a LOT of tentatives, but nothing 100% concrete just yet, so for now I’m keeping my mind and schedule open to all.  Possibility is an awesome thing. 

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