TGIM – Life

Welcome back for the second weekly installment of TGIM, in which we’ll now discuss Life.
Life is funny.  I went to Towson because my aunt happened to suggest I visit the campus when I was up in Baltimore on break from school, and I dug it.  I left Towson because I didn’t think the film program was up to snuff, and because Joe McFadden said, “If you want to make cigars, go to Miami.  If you want to make movies, go to USC.”  While at USC I started interning at Top Cow, which would later become my job for five years.  While at Top Cow I met a girl who gutted me, and thanks to a connection I made at a convention, discovered the key to changing pretty much everything about my personal life.  Personal life intact and better than ever, it became time to move on when the news came down the other day.
I didn’t walk away from the gig with anger and resentment.  I walked away with hundreds of contacts in and out of comics, way more experience than most 24 year-olds have, and a ton of favors offered.  Plus some freelance work already on the table.
Life’s funny that way.  Isn’t there a proverb about G-d closing a door and opening a window?  It’s true.  The me of a couple years back didn’t believe in possibility.  He was a closed-minded pessimist (and depressed narcissist) that couldn’t fathom everything the last few years entailed or how to cope with the position I’m now in.  But the me of today…  He loves life, lives with no regret, and believes in possibility at every turn.  He also talks about himself in the third person, and when allowed to go on (oh, he will), sounds a bit like someone reading at random from self-help books at your local bookstore.  
I’ll skip the maxims as that’s not the point and you’ve heard it a million times.  I’m alive, I’m happy, and there’s nothing I can’t do, nowhere I can’t go, and nothing that can stop me.  I’m like Godzilla, with better breath.  Same goes for all of you. How’s that for a non-sequitur.

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